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MY TOURS are different from the ones offered at your hotel or on the web:

   • I create the tour based on what you'd like to see.
   • I take you to really interesting places that the standard tours avoid,   
     either because there's an additional admission fee or because they
     can't get a payoff.
   • You will see things that only the local people know about.

Because every tour is a bit individual
         Here are some examples to inspire you:

1. WILLEMSTAD I. Punda. We'll see the capital city, enjoying the unusual setting (a major city divided in half by the ocean, with a pontoon bridge that carries pedestrians but can swing wide open for big ships), and a historic fort guarding each side. Then we take in buildings and streets in the 1700's Dutch Baroque style, as well as the 1732 synagogue, the oldest in continuous use in the Western Hemisphere. Optional lunch or refreshments at Iguana Café, with its amusing sculptures. (Not available Friday or weekends.)

2. WILLEMSTAD II. Punda-Otrabanda. After visiting Punda and its 18th century architecture, we take in the Kura Hulanda museum in Otrabanda. This museum is unique: the first half featuring precious art from different parts of Africa, the second half devoted to the slave experience, with a reconstructed slave ship, as well as actual chains, collars, yokes and other aspects of the slaves' trip from Africa to the New World. Optional refreshments or cocktails in the Rif Fort. (Not available Monday.)

3. NATURE LOVERS. We'll see wild flamingos feeding, sleeping and flying; the oldest tree in the Caribbean; an old country estate; Cas di Pali Maishi (an old-style island dwelling) and the wild ocean at Shete Boka. Beautiful nature, and the roads themselves are picturesque. If time permits, we can drive on a rough track to see Saint Martha Bay, the #1 best view on the whole island. Optional lunch or late lunch at the Doctorstuin country estate. (Not available Monday.)

4. BIRD-WATCHING TOURThe island boasts fabulous bird-life.  The itinerary will be tailored to your interests and will include all the sites seen on Nature tours, plus more.


PRICES depend on how long the tour lasts and how many people come along. I will happily take even ONE person who wants to know the real Curaçao. Basic price for any Willemstad tour for 4 people will be $35 per person. A Nature tour for 4 people would be $50 each, plus a possible pick-up fee. The price for Birding tours will be negotiated depending on your needs. On all tours, plan on bringing cash for admission fees and optional food/refreshments. Note that persons in groups of less than four would each pay more than the basic 4-person 

BRING WITH YOU:  SUN PROTECTION (both a hat and sunscreen), good walking shoes (not flip-flops), binoculars/camera if you have them, WATER and more WATER.  The sun can be brutal, but insects are not a problem.

Diana Abrashkin